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Freezer Lamb

Aragon Farm lamb always comes highly recommended. Both our private customers, and various restaurants and hotels that buy our lamb, praise its delicate taste and leanness. You will not find lamb like this in the supermarkets!


The lamb has a natural marbling, which means it is tender and succulent. It is bred to be leaner, which means that there is only a small covering of fat. The meat has an amazing light, sweet flavour, which works equally well in the classic roast with garlic and rosemary as it does in a Moroccan tagine.

Our sheep are naturally reared on grass. We uphold extremely high welfare standards on the farm, which is managed by Hugh Skinner, a qualified veterinary surgeon.

2022 Prices
Whole lamb: £TBC   Half lamb: £TBC
Next available in August 2022 - pre-order available
Freezer Lamb Options


We supply either half or whole lambs, cut into joints as you require, bagged and ready to go directly into your freezer.

Regular Cut


The usual way we cut the lamb is as follows:


1. Shoulder


We do not cut a separate scrag end of neck, instead we include the neck fillet with the shoulder. Shoulder can be supplied in halves or whole.


2. Best End


This can either be cut into cutlets, or left whole and chined to form a rack of lamb.


3. Breast of lamb


Either boned and rolled, or minced.


4. Loin


This can be left whole as a joint, or cut into loin chops.


5. Chump


As chump chops or as a joint for two.


6. Leg of lamb


This can be supplied in halves or whole.


7. Liver and kidney


If you would like the liver and kidney, they will be included in your order.

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