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Aragon Romneys

Our flock was founded in 1976 and has been developed on the principles of good performance and easy care. Sheep are chosen for lambing ease, speed to suckle and following ability. 

Our Stats

Scanning:          168% (rolling ave. 10yrs)

Lambs sold:       162%

Lamb grades:     15% “U”, 83% “R”, 2% “O”.

Lamb DCWt:       16-23kg, average 19kg.  

Signet index:     80% of this year's ram lambs were rated in the top 10% of all the Romney Breed in the across-flock national analysis of the breed in the UK.  

This flock continues to be the leader in performance indices in this country and abroad.

In the last few years, we have been working with other Romney breeders as the Romney High Index Group to produce even higher quality, high performance rams. We have also been testing our lambs for resistance to worm infestation using FEC and IgA testing.

In 2020 we DNA tested a group of ram lambs. Three out of five were found to be carrying the myostatin gene. This is a very favourable gene, promoting growth and muscling, without any side-effects such as difficult birthing or poorer meat quality.


In addition, nearly all the rams had ARR/ARR genotype, indicating scrapie resistance.

Testimonials from Ram Buyers

"We have always been happy buying Aragon Romneys in the knowledge they have been have been performance recorded for a long time and they have the breeding we need to convert forage to meat when farmed in an extensive system”.  FL

“Aragon Romneys represent a lifetime of performance recording and the measured genetic gains achieved from it, whilst still retaining all the attributes one expects from the Romney as a sheep. Rare within the Romney gene pool”.  HB


“We have purchased rams from Aragon Romneys for many years. We have always been pleased with their performance and they have produced some excellent lambs”. WB

For our high index rams available this year please contact us.

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